United fan Sam Balsdon is once again raising money in order to raise funds for Plainmoor’s disabled section.

Sam completed an astonishing 122 laps around the pitch in his quest to raise £2,500. The money raised will go towards covering the wheelchair section in the away section of Bristow’s Bench.

Manager Gary Johnson and his assistant Aaron Downes have lavished praise on Sam for his efforts.

“We’d like to congratulate Sam Balsdon for the unbelievable feat of running over 120 times around the Plainmoor pitch,” said Johnson.

“This is probably a lot more than most of players have done this season, even though we’re still the champions! We watched him all the way round, and he watched our training session that was on the pitch as he was running round, so at least that got him through it. Downsey [Aaron Downes] did a couple of laps with him and Sam lapped him once! Anyway, a fantastic feat, it would be great if people could follow his charity run and give what they can.”

Downes also added: “Brilliant achievement, fantastic that he’s raising the funds for the new cover for the away disabled stand, he’s done a fantastic achievement in running all that way, and congratulations to him. Give as much as you can!”

Sam revealed that despite sustaining an injury just prior to the event, he battled on regardless.

“Unfortunately I play a lot of squash, and last night I had a really tough game, but I had this date arranged for ages and I felt very leggy today, so I ran for the first 16 miles, and then virtually walked the rest of the way. I was just absolutely shattered,” said Sam.

“It was about raising money for the disabled section, particularly the away end, because the home end has been done. It would be nice to get the Away section done and we’d also like to investigate and see if the toilets can be upgraded as well. With the co-operation of the Torquay United staff, and I know they’re keen to participate, it would be nice to see if we can upgrade those facilities

“I’ve had some tremendous donations, so I’ve been very fortunate in getting these, and that’s helped the funds considerably. My original target was £1,500 but that was passed very quickly, so I bumped it up to £2,500 but all this money will go towards improving the disabled facilities.”

Everybody at the club would like to join Gary and Aaron in congratulating Sam for this amazing achievement. Donations can be made via his GoFundMe page here.

Well done Sam!