The search for a new manager continues at Plainmoor, but the time taken to conduct a thorough examination of the applicants is much needed according to General Manager, Geoff Harrop.

“We’ve pinned it down to five or six, and the interview process is well underway. It is very important that we do a proper process. I think in the past, maybe, people have just ‘got’ the job, if I can put it kindly,” said Harrop.

“We’re not too far away but I don’t want to put time scales on it [the appointment] because people come up with extra things, or want this or that. Above all it has got to be right for the Club.”

Harrop has outlined what is desired from a new manager for some time now. Contacts and experience are high up the list. There is also a desire to imprint a set way of doing things at Plainmoor.

“You look where we are and I think that it is important that experience and contacts have probably got to be top of the list. Contacts – really important to get players. We’ve got to get a philosophy at the Club about what we’re trying to do build. If you go to certain clubs, they have a certain style of play. They have a certain type of player. I question what we have at Torquay, and long-term we want to build a fortress at Plainmoor. We certainly have the fan base to do that, now we need to do it on the pitch.

“These things don’t happen overnight. We have gone through every applicant. I can look in the mirror and know that anyone who has applied for the job has had the respect that their application has deserved.”

United face Chester on Saturday in a 3pm kick-off. The support of the Yellow Army is needed to support the team.

“When you are where we are, you have to say “stick with us”. We need every 12th man out there that we can. We are working so hard off the pitch. It is not an easy job but it us one that I will tackle with the support of the staff and the players. We are going to get through this.

Robbie Herrera has had to deal with a long list of injuries over the last couple of weeks. United need to stay strong and get through this tough period according to Harrop.

“You have to get on with it. We don’t make excuses here and we have got to deal with it. Gareth [Laws] is working 24/7 to get players back on the pitch. It is unfortunate but it is what it is and we will move forward.”