Gary Johnson cut a disappointed, but defiant, figure following his side’s 2-0 defeat against Welling on Saturday.


“We didn’t see much of our game, it’s only the second time that’s happened,” said Johnson.

“The boys are really disappointed, I’m disappointed, the supporters will be disappointed, but of course, we mustn’t let it spoil our season. We can all be disappointed now, I’d go home and kick the cat if I had one, but the cat knows there’ll be another day and that’s what we’ve got to believe. We’ve got believe in ourselves, believe in what we’re doing and just hold our hands up today. Welling had a game today that went well for them.”

Although it was obviously a bad day at the office for his team, the Gulls boss is keen to move on quickly.

“For some reason we didn’t get our flowing game going, I think we had one shot in the first half, sometimes you need to credit the opposition. I’ll let the players mourn over it for a little while, but come Monday we’ll pick them up, we’ll  do some fun sessions, some big sessions, where they’ll need to concentrate and get back into their professional way of playing, because today they weren’t professional, that wasn’t a professional performance. They know that, so we move onto the next game and see where that takes us but I’m certainly not going to let this game and this result mess us up for the rest of the season, so trust me we’ll get them back pretty quick.”

Johnson felt the best side on the day won, and was quick to praise the opposition.

“We’ll say well done to Welling and move onto the next game. Hopefully Welling will be beating a couple of our rivals, if they’re not one if our rivals in time, because that was a good home performance by them. I think our two centre halves, and we’ve praised them previously, were very poor today and they know that. They got beat up in football terms by the little man and the big man up there – they won a lot of headers and gave them a lot of territory, we got beat in the middle because they picked up most the bits, and we got beat up front because they couldn’t get in any position they could be free for an opportunity. I know Kyle hit the crossbar and Reidy had his chance but we didn’t create the number of chances you need to create to win a game, so all over the field in every area, I thought they won the day.”