Robbie Herrera spoke to the local press after the final whistle and showed his disappointment in United’s performance as a whole as they went down to a 4-1 defeat at the Laithwaite Community Stadium.

United started brightly, but Woking took control of the game and showed a clinical edge once their chances came along.

“Good start, good possession, decent areas when we needed to. Goals change games,” said Herrera.

Woking’s first goal was a tale of two mistakes. One to give away the corner in the first place, and the second where goalkeeper Dan Lavercombe may feel he could have done more to keep the ball out.

“A short corner comes in and we don’t react to it. There is a build-up to the goal, but he’ll feel like he should have done better with the strike. He may have been unsighted.

“The second goal we don’t get tight enough. We allow them to turn and play a little one-two, and before you know it, it is in the back of the net.

James Gray scored a special goal in added on time in the first half. It was a moment of real class from the striker who was playing in midfield to fill in for injuries.

“It was an unbelievable striker. Fantastic strike. You’d have thought that would have given the lads a lift.”

“We go in and I give them the game plan for the second half. We don’t quite stick to it. The theme is that if we get balls down the sides and in behind then they are not comfortable with them. We didn’t do that.

Woking’s fourth goal was an example of giving the opposition too much time and space, something Herrera has been working with the team on.

“It is something we have tried to work on over the last few weeks. About stepping on, instead of taking that backwards to be on the front foot. Again, we allowed them too much time and space. It is a good finish but we have allowed him to do so.

“If we had got the first goal then I think it would have been a different result today. We’re waiting for things to happen instead of making things happen, I think that’s obvious. We’re waiting for something to click but you have to work for it.”

United were shorn of six players for the match, but Herrera would allow this to be used an excuse.

“That is how it has been for the last week or so, but no excuses. We put out a team that we felt could go and win the game and it didn’t come off.”

The Yellow Army turned out in numbers once again to support the team without much return. Woking estimated that there were 150 of the Yellow Army in the ground, but we estimate that there were closer to 200 to 250 fans at the game.

“They [the team] went and clapped them at the end which we always do, and showed their appreciation for their support, but ultimately it [the performance] wasn’t good enough.”