It was great to be back at Plainmoor with points to play for. I certainly felt the excitement and nerves in the changing rooms and so I could totally understand a bit of a tense start.

I was delighted with the fight, passion, will to win and physicality of my team. I thought they stood up to a very strong and almost “play ground bully” style that Tranmere had. Tranmere played some good football too and that would be the only area that I thought we weren’t quite ourselves as only a couple of times did we really string some passes together.

We created a couple of decent chances as did they but I’d say a pleasing point overall.

The aggression in the game and some of the tackles were like a throw back to Vinny Jones and Steve McMahon so happy to get away without any injuries too.

Great atmosphere and it’s always amazing to get a 3000+ crowd in at Plainmoor.

I’m sure the majority would’ve enjoyed the passion and fight on show today. Thank you so much for your support.

We recover now and quickly move on to another tough game on Tuesday and make sure we are ready to go again.

Can’t wait!!