Head coach Gary Owers did not mince his words after watching his side suffer defeat to AFC Fylde. Coasters striker Danny Rowe struck twice to leave all three points in Lancashire.

“Not good enough, by any stretch,” said Owers after the final whistle.

“We look like a team that doesn’t know how to score at the minute. [We’re] getting into good positions – can’t score from three yards, can’t get a knockdown, can’t get on the end of a ball that goes across the face of the goal. So I’ve laid it down in there [the dressing room]. I’ve snapped a little bit if you like. I’ve laid down a few home truths. It’s not just about football. It’s about people and how much they care. How much they want to fight to get out of this situation. So we’ll see how much of a reaction we’ll get on Tuesday.”

United were missing a cutting edge in front of goal against Fylde and couldn’t put away some promising opportunities. The Gaffer didn’t think his team reacted quickly enough stop the opposition when it mattered.

“We’re getting into good areas but there isn’t any responsibility at either end of the pitch, I have to add. When the goals are coming they are too easy. I jumped up three seconds before the ball went into the back of the net because I knew it was going to happen, because i can see it a mile off. Unfortunately no-one on the pitch could see it.”

The Gaffer changed the personnel and formation at half-time. Striker Rhys Murphy coming on after recovering from an ankle sprain.

“[We were] trying to get people on the ball further up the pitch. They come at us a little bit in the full-back areas, but it wasn’t a massive problem for us. You’re just shaking the bag again aren’t you, trying to come up with something that is going to tip the balance.”

Owers admitted that changes to the squad were probable after today’s result.

“New faces, definitely. I can’t keep saying the same things to the same players. I’ve told them; I’m being honest. They have to think about what is going to happen next in life, and where they want to be as professionals.

“It is tough at the minute; it is a tough time. I don’t like getting beat – it really hurts us. I am the person that has to fight more than anyone to turn it around.

“The pressure is on; we have to get a result soon. We have got two days to come out fighting against Sutton on Tuesday.”