The first team squad enjoyed a change of pace (quite literally) in training today.

Normal training resumed after the players underwent endurance, power, and agility testing in the morning.

“We’re after baseline data,” said Torquay united head coach Gary Owers.

“We can then gauge how fit the injured players when they come back. We can then re-test at a later date to see if we have improved the level of fitness.”

United’s list of injured players in getting shorter, but not all of the first team were able to participate.

“A couple of the injured lads missed out so that is something they will have to do as part of their rehab. I think it is important in this day and age that you know where your players at any given moment in time, in terms of fitness levels.”

One player that didn’t take part in training is trialist Wes Atkinson who has left the club.

Torquay United Head of Medical Gareth Law took the players through the tests.

“We did the Yo-Yo intermittent endurance level 2 test,” said Gareth.

“Then we were looking at 10m speed, and then 30m speed. We then broke down into the Illinois Agility Test, so multi-directional changes of movement.

“From a cardio-vascular point of view you are looking to see how fit the players are at the moment. What levels do you expect them to get to as a group standard? Who is lagging behind? Is there anyone pushing forward? What level do the players coming back from injury have to attain before they return to full fitness? The player might be injury free, but are they fit to play?

“Speed-wise you are measuring the player’s power – especially over 10m of acceleration. Once they hit that 10m, are they reaccelerating and hitting their top speed?

“With the agility test you are testing different a different muscle group. We look at deceleration, a change of the body position, and then reacceleration. How quickly can the players do that? Sometimes there are players that are quick over a straight line aren’t necessarily quick over the agility course. Can we get them to break quicker and change their body direction quicker to make them quicker through the agility course?”