I think Gateshead was a day where anything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong.

Two own goals, a goal with a strong hint of offside, another freak injury and not playing well enough to really hurt the opposition.

Nothing has changed my belief in this group. Of course it’s been a tough start to the season but we are a week in and I think all the group lacks right now is something tangible to cement their belief.

I can’t give that to them, they need to go out on the pitch on Tuesday now and take the points, no one will give you anything in football but I’m 100% certain that when it clicks for this group we are going to have a very positive season.

After a positive pre-season the lads are always going to be anxious to get points on the board and they haven’t had much in the way of fortune go their way but they will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

We all know it’s a long season and one good result will set us off.

We have to earn that and hopefully it’ll come on Tuesday.

Stick with us, stay positive and the rewards will come for all of us.