By now you will have taken a good look at our new website and hopefully you will have come to the conclusion that it is much better than our previous one!

The aim of the new website is to deliver a simple, clean, effective platform to take the Club forward. The design pushes Official TUFC TV to the fore, as well as our social media channels that were overdue to receive a shot in the arm.

We’ve had some feedback from fans saying that the website isn’t displaying properly on their phones of PCs. To rectify this issue, please clear your browser cache and the website should return to normal.

We hope you will visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels and add a like or follow. We’re looking to grow our Facebook page in particular this season, so visit and add a like!  We’ll be handing the Instagram account over to the players (you have been warned) at points this season so you won’t want to miss that!

Fans will also find that they can access information a lot easier than before. Our ticketing platform has never been easier to access, and general information about Plainmoor has been expanded upon, as well as our commercial and hospitality departments.

Audio commentary and Official TUFC TV will be available through the website for the first time free of charge. We’ve taken down the pay wall for 2017/18 to simplify the message that we want to get out there – the Club is changing for the better!

We will be staying with Youtube as our video platform for the time being. Not only because it is extremely stable, but because at a time when we are improving every part of TUFC, it would seem churlish not to appeal to the widest possible audience.

This is just the beginning though, we will be looking to expand upon the services the website provides, and we still need a little time to make sure it is ‘fully stocked’.