Following another busy week working on the Plainmoor pitch, United Groundsman Julian Gouldthrope has provided supporters with the an update on the pitch improvements.

With the top layer of the surface having now been removed, Julian talks us through the next stage in the process.

“Last week, we used a Tractor with a seeding machine, which drilled the seeds down into the pitch at a depth of 5mm. This was done four different ways to ensure we don’t get any criss-cross patterns.

“Then, at the beginning of this week, we started to put down the top dressing down on top of that. This is done to make sure the pitch remains level, so now it’s just a case of waiting for the germination process to complete.”

Although United’s supporters may not have appreciated the recent wet weather, the man in charge of Plainmoor’s hallowed turf was in doubt that it was a blessing for the pitch.

“The recent rain will have definitely helped, because when you we use normal tap water, we take all the vitamins out.

“All the stuff that is bad for us, is good for the grass!”


We’ll continue to keep the Yellow Army updated on all the pitch work going on at Plainmoor throughout the course of the next few weeks, however in the meantime, take a look at the video above to see the latest progress!