PRESS | Gary Owers & Martin Kuhl Unveiled At Press Conference

Gary Owers and Martin Kuhl were unveiled as our new management team at a press conference at Plainmoor today.

Gary and Martin come into the club with their eyes fully open about the challenge ahead.

“You look at a team that hasn’t won in ten attempts, there is something wrong,” said Gary. “We have to find out what is wrong, very, very quickly and try and fix it.

“We worked with the players this morning and spirits were high. They aren’t under pressure anymore because they have a fresh start. We [the management team] are under pressure; we have to get results.

“It is not a good place to be in, for a club this size with the support that it gets. We’re here, hopefully, to start the resurgence of the Club.

Martin Kuhl joins Gary as his assistant. Gary spoke in glowing terms about his assistant.

“We played together. I shared a room with Martin, and he didn’t speak to me for six weeks! We got over that and we have been friends for a while. Not seen a lot of each other. Both gone our separate ways.  I was pleased I got this opportunity to make Martin my assistant. A renowned coach – has a reputation for developing young players – thoroughly professional. Played at the top level – couldn’t ask for anyone else better.

New faces are expected at Plainmoor, despite a long injury list.

“We’ve done a little bit of work this morning. There may be one new face, or new faces coming through the door very quickly. We are working behind the scenes on that. We are limited because there is a big injury list. I haven’t picked a team yet, although I have a team in my mind.

“The biggest thing we can be is a little bit more organized. We have really instilled into the players this morning they have to try a little harder. I don’t think they are feeling sorry for themselves. I don’t think that they enjoy being in this position, none of us do. We are all going to work together to try and get out of it.”